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If the screws on your screen door or your anchor bolts are rusted, it's just a matter of time before you start to have door trouble. Get better-looking, high-quality screws from Dan's Rescreen and prevent door issues before they start. You'll work with a knowledgeable local team that is committed to your satisfaction. Get in touch to tell us what you need today!

Get new, durable screws for your door

If your screws are rusty but you don't want to replace your entire door, get in touch with Dan's Rescreen for the fast help you need!


•  Screw replacement

•  Update screws

•  Install screws

•  Fix screws and doors

•  FREE estimates

•  Excellent warranties

The screw services you need

When you choose Dan's Rescreen for your screen needs and more, you'll work with a company that is committed to meeting your needs. That means you'll get exceptional workmanship that is fully guaranteed, plus excellent 5-year warranties on all screen materials. Have questions about how we can help with your screen issues? Call our friendly experts today!

Guaranteed work from your local screen experts

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*For jobs of $1000 or more.